Into the past

Canada Department of Mines, Geological Survey 1925

On the descent from Gibson Lake perhaps a kilometer down Kokanee Glacier Road, you catch a glimpse into the past. What we see are remnants of the mill that was linked to the Molly Gibson mine by an aerial tramway. The mine operated from 1899 to 1932 and produced silver, lead, zinc, gold and copper. 

From the mill, ore was brought down by pack horse trains to a steamship barge landing on the north shore of the west arm of Kootenay Lake.  

High in the alpine, evidence of the mine was photographed in 2015 by Gerald Vaughan-Irving. Imagine the effort it took to earn a living in this environment. 

Author: Tulák

Curious – what’s around the next corner? Wandering, searching to find, where do I belong? Between the old and new world. Always looking for an adventure.

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