Up the Duncan

Although the forest service road was closed beyond kilometer 48 the drive up the Duncan was scenic as we wound our way past tumbling rushing water and dramatic vertical slopes.

On this last day of September we’d relax on the shores of Duncan Lake at Howser Creek Canyon recreation site and soak up the sun.

Laddie thought his lures needed washing. An eerie, haunting call alerted us to a foursome of loons, flapping and splashing as they dived for food.

Our appetizer would be ash-baked tubers. So sooty black on the outside, but the smoky, fluffy flesh seasoned with salt was a throwback to when Laddie roamed the mountains in Czechoslovakia building fires and baking potatoes in the ashes for a hot meal.

“We didn’t realise we were making memories,

we just knew we were having fun.”

Winnie the Pooh

Author: Tulák

Curious – what’s around the next corner? Wandering, searching to find, where do I belong? Between the old and new world. Always looking for an adventure.

3 thoughts on “Up the Duncan”

  1. Having ridden in friends’ truck up that way, but up Glacier Creek road to Monica Meadows trail head, I hope your road further up the Duncan was some better, for I’ve never driven on such a rocky road for that long! Thanks again for taking me a long through your photo report.


  2. Anne, your narrative and photos are absolutely wonderful. We are just envious that we can’t be there with you.


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