Sleeping accomodations

Every inch inside Tulák counts. Since we’re relatively small people we decided a standard double-size bed (54” x 75”) could work for us.

Now that the bed platform is complete, it’s time for the first layer on the plywood –   HyperVent


When we sleep we exhale water vapor.  In fact one person asleep adds a cup of water to the air overnight. This moisture from expelled breathing causes condensation. The colder it is outside, the more condensation inside. If the condensation can’t evaporate it may lead to mold or mildew. HyperVent, a special 3/4″ material that will not compress elevates the mattress so air is able to circulate under. This circulating air promotes the evaporation of any moisture. Boaters and RV’ers attest to its effectiveness in preventing mold under mattresses.

For the mattress we opted for two layers – a 6” high resilience (HR) foam and a 2” latex topper. HR foam is the highest grade of poly foam available. The on-line Canadian supplier we chose to buy from states that HR foam contains a rubber compound that gives the mattress a gentle bounce and superior support. Since there will be some storage space under the bed platform that is only accessible by removing the mattress we had the supplier cut this 6” HR layer into two sections lengthwise.


For additional comfort we selected a 2” Organic Dunlop Latex topper that contains no synthetic rubber or any harmful chemicals.


Upon arrival the mattress layers were assembled in our living room. We can report that there was no off-gassing odors. We can also say we were both very pleasantly surprised at the comfort and support these two layers provide. Best of all, measurements were right on. Everything fits inside Tulák.

Now it’s time for a road test. We’re off on an overnight sleepover. For those of you not from our neck of the woods check out our destination:  Glacier Creek Regional Park

Author: Tulák

Curious – what’s around the next corner? Wandering, searching to find, where do I belong? Between the old and new world. Always looking for an adventure.

4 thoughts on “Sleeping accomodations”

  1. Looks like things are coming together hope
    The night over goes well, let us know how you made out
    Cheers! Linda

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