Water – the 1st must have

Storage of potable water was Job #1 for Laddie inside the ‘house’. Plumbing will be basic as we have settled for a cold water, non-pressurized system. As we wanted the weight of water as far forward as possible the bench had to go. A zip cutter and hours on the knees got the job done.

This project relies heavily on CAD (cardboard-assisted design). A mock-up of the water tanks demonstrated that we had a problem with the floor.


The frame of the former bench had to go. A gaping hole in the floor was fixed with an aluminum plate and a sub-floor.


Two water tanks to provide us with 220 liters of potable water were ordered. Now the challenge was to figure out the fittings.


As a precaution a ‘water box’ was constructed to surround the tanks and plumbing fittings. If anything ruptures or leaks, the damage will be contained inside this box. The box is fitted with a drain. To keep creepy-crawlers out it has a cap.

Wall boards, varnish and paint do wonders.

And now the beginnings of the bed platform.


Author: Tulák

Curious – what’s around the next corner? Wandering, searching to find, where do I belong? Between the old and new world. Always looking for an adventure.

2 thoughts on “Water – the 1st must have”

  1. I’am so thrilled with the progress .
    Both Anne and Laddie have spent many hours with still more to come
    great work .


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