Safe Passage

The morning we first saw Tulák parked beside the Atkinson Vos workshop was memorable. We were no longer dreaming.

The week in Britain was most satisfying as we enjoyed the pleasant aspects of its rural landscape and country life.

Following a week of getting to know Tulák we had to leave, trusting a safe passage would be had for our mog.



Tulák was loaded for transport to the Port of Liverpool where it boarded the Atlantic Star, a unique kind of ship in that it carries both containers and roll-on, roll-off cargo.



As we enjoyed the sun and sights of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands we monitored the ship’s progress across the Atlantic Ocean through on-line marine traffic tracking intelligence.

Upon our return to Canada we immediately introduced ourselves to the Customs Brokerage firm Cole International in Halifax, Nova Scotia who was handling our vehicle’s entry into Canada. Incredibly Tulák cleared Canadian Customs within an hour of its arrival and was available for pickup. A 24-hour permit to drive Tulák from the port to a licensed inspection facility was secured. Now we had to be patient and await the news. Did our mog comply with Canadian regulations?

The folks at Nova Truck Centre in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia undertook the inspection and gave Tulák the all clear signal. Now a 30-day permit to drive Tulák across Canada had to be obtained. The bureaucracy was daunting and we were most relieved when the document was in-hand.  Our adventure with Tulák in Canada was about to begin.

After 5,855 kilometers we can report that Tulák  has exceeded our expectations. The ride is comfortable and it handles the road very well.

Understand that this entire project, from the purchase of the vehicle to every reservation and appointment, was secured over the Internet. Only then can you appreciate the wonderful people who helped make this happen. Our grateful thanks to:

Simon, Emma, Paul, Mark, Shaun, Frank and the team at Atkinson Vos

            Glenn, Ken and Debbi-Jo at Cole International

Laurie, Paul and the folks at Nova Truck Centre



Author: Tulák

Curious – what’s around the next corner? Wandering, searching to find, where do I belong? Between the old and new world. Always looking for an adventure.

3 thoughts on “Safe Passage”

  1. Great story you should post in local paper
    Laddie must be like a kid @ Christmas hey!!
    Love Linda

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